Why We Love April

April is here (yay!!!) and that means we get to come out of hibernation and interact with all you wonderful people again!! Yes, that is why we love April – because we’ve missed you so darn much!!

It’s the start of a new quarter and, although you may not have seen much of us the last three months, we’ve been working tirelessly to put some amazing new structures in place for the kids and our super amazing volunteers. We’ve done so much together already and we can’t wait to improve the lives of more impoverished children this year, with your help of course.

To kick things off, we’re having a volunteer drive this month because while one person may be able to change the world, it’s a lot better when we all work together. So, if you’d like to volunteer with us, or know someone who would, fill out our sign up form here. We’d be uber glad to have you on our team! The volunteer drive will be topped off with Volunteer Days Out on in Lagos and Abuja on the 18th and 25th of April respectively.

Another reason why April is so incredibly awesome is because of all the really important dates this month:


Yes, that’s quite a lot of awareness, and they’re all equally important for us to know about and participate in however we can.

That’s a little bit of what’s new on our end. We hope you’ve been as great as usual, and can’t wait to see you again. Don’t be shy to tell us what’s new with you in the comments 🙂



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